A new level of craftsmanship

We at ROYAUMS, ensure that quality always comes first. From the first sketch until our products are ready to be used, each and every step is handled with great care and attention to details.

Creativity and vision

In 2012, we created Kilian with extra ordinary vision and focus on details. Achieving great success with this timeless model, we have been expanding our collection with our outstanding designs.

Only the finest materials

We use only premium materials, including high-quality leather that is handcrafted with extreme precision and diligence.

Skilled artisans

One of our signature materials, spikes are applied on the shoes by hand not only to preserve its shape and color but also for its long-term durability.

Quality assurance

Every ROYAUMS product is a result of visionary design, high-quality materials, skillful craftsmanship and quality controls to assure excellence.