ROYAUMS is a luxury footwear and accessories brand for men and women that combines outstanding design with the finest quality materials. Founded in 2012 by creative director Khalil Eddiouane, ROYAUMS has been offering highly personal, exceptional and enticing products that are tailored to like-minded individuals who are living their lives without compromising.

ROYAUMS aims to improve the audience's lifestyle by offering new paths for self-expressionism and to contribute to the environment by optimizing the manufacturing processes to reduce waste and by becoming more sustainable each day.

Deriving its power and determination from its exceptional clientele, ROYAUMS vision is to create its own kingdom in fashion.

At ROYAUMS, the pursuit of excellence never ends. Each product is handcrafted with only the finest materials that matches its high standards. Using 100% authentic and ethically resourced python leather, 18 karat gold-plated details and calfskin leather, ROYAUMS creates highly-valuable and distinctive products for unique individuals to make a statement in their own kingdom.